Pest Control & Exterminator of Oceanside prides itself in having some of the best bed bug exterminators. Unfortunately, it appears they are on the rise. We are really not precisely sure why the surge of them has occurred, but we feel that it could be because of the greater exchanging of second-hand furniture and the closeness of living quarters.

Bed bugs are completely disgusting and no one likes them.

They’re one of several pests that you really can’t ignore. They prey on humans when they’re sleeping. They do this by piercing the skin with a stylet (basically, a long part of its mouth). They use this stylet to saw through human flesh to find blood vessels for feeding. They typically feeds on a human for five minutes before returning to its hiding spot. This area where they fed will usually swell up and itch a great deal.

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Bed bugs are good at staying hidden so you may not see them for a while. They will usually hide in small crevices and only come out at night. A lot of people do not understand that they have a problem until they wake up with tons of little bites on their body. Another way to discover them, besides having a lot of bite marks, is to have blood or fecal spots on your bedsheets. When you’ve got a problem you shouldn’t even think about sleeping in your house until they’ve been treated.

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